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Chris Garcia

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     I've always approached baseball as more than a game, or even a job. For me, baseball provided an opportunity to challenge myself in every facet of the human condition; from achieving physical excellence, to building up the mental stamina necessary to compete with some of the country's best athletes, playing at their highest level, day-in and day-out, to learning the immense amount of information required to succeed. During my high school, college and professional career, I have made a point to treat the game I love with the respect and reverence it deserves. I want to pass that passion on to my clients.      I'll provide my clients with training regimens aimed at nurturing the physical strength, mechanics and strategies necessary to thrive as baseball and pitching continue to evolve. Under my tutelage, they 'll learn to hone the skills they need to improve, and how to synthesize each building block to achieve lasting, sustainable success in each aspect of the game. I'm excited to share knowledge I've acquired from my time learning from, and playing, with the incredible athletes and coaches I've encountered. -Holds the record for the only no-hitter in Xaverian High School history as a senior. -Selected to play in the JR Olympic tournament in Joplin MO in 2002 -Drafted by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in 2002 -Played College Baseball at Daytona Beach community college from 2002-03 -Drafted by the Seattle Mariners 2003 

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