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Why Do You Need A Video?

     Research shows that adding a high school athletes sports recruiting video to your high school recruiting profile, website and player resume is the single most important thing you can do to get the attention of college coaches.  This type of showcasing of your skills is an important factor in getting recruited and potentially earn college scholarships.


     There is nothing more powerful and impactful to a college coach than a High School  Recruiting Video. Let us help you get on the radar and on the roster of a college baseball team by promoting your skills in a player video.

Every Second Counts

    In collaboration with LT Visual Media we offer premium video production services to develop a custom skills video for each player. You have between 3 and 4 minutes to showcase your sports recruiting video to prospective coaches. You need to make every second count .

    Our editors will place your clips into a state of the art editing suite, organize your clips by category, and then work with you to refine the video to ensure that the final product positions you in the best possible way.

Start Marketing To Colleges!


The college recruiting process can be complicated and we understand that. You don’t have to embark on the journey alone, if you just want some advice, go to our Contact Us page and send us a note.  We are happy to help!


Additionally, adding the video into your own personal profile is a great and easy option.  It is seamless and integrates into your own personal web page. This will allow you to promote your digital resume and allow easy access to link sharing.  Here is a sample of our athlete profiles.  Click Here!




1 Hour On The Field

High Quality

Pro-Set up

Private Workout

Position Specific Recording

Professionally Edited Video

Video Streaming


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